Tobe Collective

Tobe Collective is the brainchild of the project’s creators – TICEP, Tobe International Ceramic Exchange Program – which they’ve been working on since the launch of the project in 2019. In 2023 their works were presented at the London Design Fair with this year’s project theme; beyond perception. 

“Tradition is one of the most important things for Japanese potters. It is a thing we always respect and hold dear, but what makes Tobe Collective unique is how the potters try to “evolve” while still respecting their tradition,” – Mamiko Karasudani

Takayasu Nishioka – Eiryuji studio
Masami Kato – Utsuwa Mi
Eisuke Kajiwara – Toubou KIBI
Akihiro Masuda – Seikayou
Chie Okada – Atelier Chie
Futoshi Miyauchi

Tobe Collective in front of Mura no Eki, Tobe
Tobe Collective Logo – designed by Stuart Bartlett