TICEP Archive

2019/2020; Tom Kemp’s residence in Tobe


The programme contents;

  1. Tom Kemp online teaching session x 12
  2. Presentation sessions with Yasuko Arakawa as a session leader, we had the following presentation sessions;
  • the Turning Earth session
  • the Cernamic session featuring Nam Tran
  • Mizuyo Yamashita session
  • Artist’s exchange session with Grace McCarthy, Anna Lea Clelia and Natasha Gomperts

2021/2022; “History and Sustainability”

The third year programme was carried out with a theme “History and Sustainability“. We had two main parts as follows;

  • Artists exchange sessions with; Laurence Owen, Sae-Won Lee, Valeria Nicolucci, Ranj, Symy Ong
  • The presentation sessions;
  1. Middleport Pottery – Burleigh ware
  2. The British Ceramic Biennale
  3. The Leach Pottery with Roelof Uys
  4. The Victoria and Albert Museum session – the Ceramic Galleries
  5. The British Museum session 1 with Anna Lea Clelia
  6. The British Museum session featuring the Japanese Galleries with a senior curator of Japan Collections, Dr. Rosina Buckland
After the live session at the V&A, Yasuko with the surprise guest speaker, Tom Kemp
Group C artist exchange session; Ranj
With Dr. Rosina Buckland at the Japanese Galleries
The scene from the Leach Pottery session with Roelof Uys at the left top
Tobe members at the ceramic centre – one of their live presentations