July 2022

July is the month of “unusual shapes”.  In our collection they might not make a significant part but we have a few genuinely great shaped objects. These can be tablewares or decorative objects.  Some might wonder how these could be used in everyday life – are these used for serving food or just for the pleasure of your eyes? The answer is that it’ll be up to your appreciation.  Wherever and whenever they are you will find the place you want to keep them around, but the one thing for sure is that once you have them, you wouldn’t live without!  

Later on this month these “unusual shaped” pieces will be uploaded in the Tobe Porcelain Shop, please watch this space. 

With the theme “Beyond Perception”, the planning stage of the TICEP 22/23 is going ahead with a rather bumpy financial road under way. We will however be working on to develop this year with a focus on the sales of the finished products in LONDON later on this year.

Please visit our TICEP Archive page for more past programme details.

We are immensely grateful of so many people who contributed their time to us. Among these our big thank you goes to all the artists who helped us create fantastic exchange sessions;

Laurence Owen, Sae-Won Lee, Valeria Nicolucci, Ranj, Symy Ong,

and countless great professionals who supported the programme; Dr Rosina Buckland at the British Museum, Dr Nicole Rousmaniere at the Sainsbury Institute, Rebecca Luffman at the V&A, Roelof Uys at the Leach Pottery, Tom Kemp and last but not least, Masahiko Kan at the Tobe Ceramic Research Centre.