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tabi Arts started its collaboration with Tobe pottery artists in 2009. Tobe Yaki (Tobe porcelain) in a wider sense it means the porcelain produced in a small town of Tobe (located near a city of Matsuyama in Ehime prefecture of Shikoku island in Japan). There are around 80 active pottery studios.

In principle the Tobe artists use the clay made with the locally mined porcelain stone. The story of pottery production in Tobe goes back over 1000 years ago, and as an established porcelain town, there is over 240 years of history. It is handmade and hand-painted.

Here in this very site, I have a variety of items from the selected artists. As I would like to celebrate their brilliant craft skills and individual characteristics of each artist, I have decided to present each studio separately rather than keeping the same categories (such as plates and bowls) together as it was previously presented.