Tobe Pottery





“Believing tradition with vision of future.”




Versatile and practical, Tobe porcelain is blessed with indigo blue GOSU patterns

(cobalt ore containing traces of manganese) over the melting warmth of its milky

white surface. The locally mined porcelain stone makes it unusually strong.

The small yet vibrant town of Tobe, which is almost unknown to the UK,

is located on the island of Shikoku (South West Japan).  The production of

Tobe porcelain started more than 230 years ago, deriving from the local

Sueki earthenware makers of over 1500 years ago.  Today there are more

than 90 studios with over 450 potters practicing.



Because of the nature of the works - handmade & hand-painted -

many items are one-off pieces.  We will be happy to take an order from you

and pass it to the artist but on some occasions it might take a few weeks

for the artist to produce the item  especially for you (+ ship it over from Japan).  

We will be in touch with you during the production process but please be aware  

that good things come to those who wait! 



Note: Our online store is just about to launch! Thank you for waiting patiently,

we are working on the last bits and will not take long, we promise.

Please for the time being enjoy browsing the store for your future shopping.  


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