We are all waiting for warm spring sunshine


Here are some news for the coming months;

YAMATO festival 27, 28 and 29 April                

tabi Arts will participate the festival with Tobe porcelain in Tours, France.

New stock Alert! We’re expecting new items arriving later this month – which will be available both in tabi’s online store and Spirit Boutique online shop



Picture of the month 1

Special edition Shizuku Cup – Gold and Silver

by Eiryuji Studio

Picture of the month 2

Large oval plate

by Baizan Studio





Wish you all great February!




tabi Arts works on two core strands.

one to organise exhibitions; curate our own exhibition and/or collaborate with other organisations for art events.

two to promote tobe pottery in the UK.


  1. 多美 ta=various, bi=beauty
  2. 旅  tabi=journey
  3. 足袋 tabi=traditional Japanese socks. Its origin goes back to the 8th century